nutry pioneered the innovative business strategy of delivering fresh chicken, fish, eggs, prawns, mutton, seafood, and paneer to your home. We are the top farm-fresh food chain, specialising in fresh eggs, chicken, meat and fish. The objective is to offer our customers, a hassle-free home delivery. nutry fresh products are procured from qualified quality farm fresh suppliers, locally.

"We are an online brand specialising in fresh chicken, eggs, meat, and ready-to-cook/eat products." Our primary objective is to ensure that all products reaching the consumer are fresh. nutry has a brand promise that you will get nutritious and delicious meat, ‘hassle-free’. We strive to provide our customers, an unmatched experience of quality fresh products.

We have created a platform where one can order farm-fresh, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, online, and we'll deliver our fresh items right at the door. The concept is to assist homemakers in securing the right quality with excellent value for money, for their food requisites with hassle-free home delivery.

We continuously solicit feedback that helps us improve our quality and services further. Our team works diligently to pursue customer-specific needs, with an view to provide ‘total customer satisfaction’.

Our Vision

We aim to build a strong foundation & develop healthier relationships between our Principals & valued customers. As the most successful fresh meat delivery service in Lucknow, we aim to deliver our hygienic, fresh farm products to every Indian kitchen using a solid network and an excellent group of investors. To build and establish our position as a leading brand in this industry, nutry Fresh Meat Delivery must fulfil its potential to supply food items in a fast, friendly environment.

Our Mission

The mission of nutry is to provide its consumers with fresh & nutritious products, make ordering easy, doorstep delivery and satisfy customer needs. We are committed to being the premier, service-intensive company and are dedicated to providing leading products & services for today and the future.

We take our customers very seriously and include only the best products with excellent quality. You can find every kind of meat you want on our online store. Be it fish, chicken or any other kind of meat. We also offer different varieties in each type of meat, fish, prawns and more under seafood. Chicken pieces are also available in varieties such as boneless chicken, minced, breast and leg pieces. We source our meat and all other food products only from top-grade vendors and sources in the market, keeping quality our top priority.

nutry fresh meat delivery service is an app-only feature currently available in select cities. Download the nutry app to check whether your location is eligible for Fresh meat delivery.